Havasu Falls Oasis, Arizona

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Cascading clear waters and vibrant plant life at the foot of Havasu Falls, a side canyon of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA.

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In the aftermath of the devastating 2008 flood at Havasupai Falls, I am often asked what remains to be photographed in this remote side canyon of the Grand Canyon. Friends and fellow photographers inquire, “What’s left of Havasu Falls? Is it still worth making the long hike (11 miles) to the falls?” Having returned to Havasu Falls in 2011, I reply without hesitation: Havasupai Falls remains one of the most enchanting and photogenic areas in the Southwest.

Yes, the flood destroyed much of Navajo Falls, also washing away parts of the blue-green travertine pools at Havasu Falls. The trail of destruction is not for long, though, as powerful forces of nature rapidly bring fresh plant life and new areas of cascading water to the valley.

Downstream from Navajo Falls are the newly formed Rock Falls, a dramatic formation bordered by an enormous expanse of terraced falls. Already, the travertine pools at Havasu Falls are partially restored, given the high concentrations of calcium carbonate mineral deposits in the spring waters. This process of rejuvenation is a sight to behold, attesting to the wondrous cycle of life.

Near the newly formed Rock Falls, a terraced cascade of spring water. Havasupai Canyon, Arizona.
Beyond the “main attractions” of the waterfalls, the hike from Supai Village to Mooney Falls offers intimate photo opportunities: Small gurgling brooks, weathered Cottonwood trees and a few wild flowers along the way. We came across the rickety footbridge downstream of Havasu Falls, situated in quiet tree covered area. Here, a shallow creek converges with a larger stream, ultimately spilling into the Colorado River.

Finally, the vivid blue color of the crystal clear spring water is beyond description – reason enough to return to this heavenly oasis.

Challenge Editor’s Choice Award, ‘The Color Blue” Contest - Capture My Arizona, June 11, 2013,

Marcus W. Reinkensmeyer Photography, Scottsdale, Arizona


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